My love affair with animal prints likely started with this haunting, iconic film, The Graduate. No question, Anne Bancroft is a sexy vixen regardless of what she wore, but seeing all the variations of her wardrobe on the big screen was mesmerizing. Even her ashtrays had style.
This modern-day vignette reminds me of that mood because of the abstract tribal nature of the wallpaper, and the furniture which could be mid-century, but still seems fresh. It’s interesting, simple, but has a lot of personality. I often hear that neutrals are boring, but they don’t have to be. Cheers to timeless, gorgeous rooms of any era…

It’s fascinating to look back over the years at your own style, and see how it evolves (for better or worse). While growing up, I was surrounded by artists, and my mother gravitated towards a number of different looks for our home. From pictures I can see that when I was young her style was sleek, low-slung, white vinyl couches, silk screens, and macrame. But we also had needlepoint pillows and a cast iron Buddha during that phase. It was all about the mix. Later she changed it up with light painted floors, French bergère chairs upholstered with quilted matelasses, washed pine side tables, but at the same time a glass top, travertine square base, very contemporary dining table with polished chrome brackets. Honestly, it was fabulous. We almost always had a skirted table to hide the stereo and TV (they were deep back then), and a beautiful bar cart for when they had friends over for cocktails. There was a short-lived Carolyn Quartermaine phase along the way that I don’t really want to get into.

Now everything is a bit more glam than Swedish in her house, but still light and airy. I learned by paying attention that it doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend on home furnishings; you can always pull things together with flair and a little imagination. She has been a wonderful role model! XO